Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving in Vanuatu

Photo with a family in our area, the Rapdy Family
It's officially Christmas time!!!!  I keep trying to convince myself that it's almost December but my mind just won't click.  It's too hot and too humid for it to be Christmas time!

Zone Conference!
This week was a crazy week.  Tuesday and Wednesday was zone conference.  Our theme was "If love were the only reason. . . "  The training focused on love and charity towards others and companions.  I learned a lot and it was a good reminder of the things I need to improve on.  We played sports in the rain and ate at Hotel Santo and finished watching the new Christmas Mormon Message.  It was a wonderful two days.
Our Thanksgiving feast Vanuatu style!

Thursday was Sista Ouamambara's birthday.  She is now 24 years old!!  We were staying at the sista’s house in Sharpi because our house didn't have water.  We all made her a Thanksgiving dinner and chocolate cake to celebrate.  

Sista Ouamambara's birthday
We've continued to work with Papa Toa this week.  He is progressing so much.  He had his interview for baptism this past Sunday and he’s all set for baptism this coming Saturday.  The elders quorum has just welcomed him with open arms and he loves it.  As we were walking home from church yesterday he vocalized how thankful he is to have found this church where he feels like he is home.  Please keep him in your prayers this week so that everything works out for Saturday.  

We also had the chance to meet with Toa again AND his wife, Malaya.  We asked him if he had read The Book of Mormon.  He said he had been too busy, but that his wife had read a little.  I asked her what she had read and found out she had read 13 chapters!!!  I couldn't believe it!!  They are GOLDEN!!  

Sylvie is also doing really well.  She is reading every day inside The Book of Mormon.  She is in Mormon right now and even reads with her children sometimes.  It's slow, but she can see the change in herself and in her husband.  God really is working in the details of her life.  Watching Malaya and Sylvie progress because of their reading The Book of Mormon has taught me a lot and is just another testimony of how vital The Book of Mormon is to our spiritual growth.  If you're not reading it daily, DO IT!  I have no doubt that it is the word of God.

Transfers are this Saturday and we know that one of us will be out, so I'll let you know next week what happens!  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Zone Conference with Sister Granger

Our Thanksgiving feast!

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