Monday, December 5, 2016

Toa's Baptism!

Toa's baptism
 Highlight of the week:  Toa's baptism!!  It was such an amazing experience for everyone who came.  He is such a humble man and so willing to do what the Lord asks.  He bore his testimony, dressed in a nice white shirt and tie the eldas brought for him, and testified of how God has a plan.  He explained that because we taught Elsie he then became interested in what we had to share.  Little did we know that because of Elsie, we would find Toa, the one who was really prepared to accept the gospel.  He was confirmed a member of the Church on Sunday and bore his testimony again in fast and testimony meeting. I was even asked to speak at his baptism about the Holy Ghost.   Such a miracle to see him take this step!

Transfer calls came on Saturday morning and Sista Ouamambare is headed to Vila and she will be serving with a sista from Kiribati.  I will be moving to the other side of the plantation and working in Sharpi, also with a sista from Kiribati, Sista Betero.  Sharpi is a great area and I am excited to work with Sista Betero!  I'm super sad to leave Showground and especially the Banban branch.  I have met some incredible people and have learned so much from them. 
Little Tina

We've continued working with Sylvie and she is seeing changes.  Malaya and Sua are doing well but Malaya is progressing much faster.  She just eats up the Book of Mormon!  Sua on the other hand will read really quickly what we assigned him to read just before we come and so he doesn't get much out of it.  I hope the new sistas coming to Showground will be able to help him progress, he would be such a great member!! 

We said lots of goodbyes this week and were given lots of food!  Showground has taught me a lot, and although I would never wish to go through it again, I have learned many things- number 1, to trust the Lord more.  He is all-knowing and really does know what will stretch us and what will break us.  He stretched me pretty hard these past three months but not once did He leave me alone.  I am so thankful for my Savior and His constant love and support.

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