Monday, November 7, 2016

Showground for dayzzzzzz

Sylvie and her children in front of their house.
Not a lot happened this week so this email will be short and sweet.

Elsie is set for baptism this week if all goes well. We also started teaching her bobo (grandpa) and he is very interested.  However, he's having a hard time accepting The Book of Mormon as the word of God because he can't read . . . we invited him to have Elsie read to him so that he can gain a testimony for himself.  We'll follow up on Wednesday to see if they did.

We continued working with Sylvie as she works towards baptism on the 26th.  Her husband is a strong head and doesn't want to story with us at all. She's scared to make any big jumps because she doesn't know how her husband will respond.  She's reading The Book of Mormon as well.  We invited her to share bits of what she is reading with her family and see if that opens any doors.  She is an amazing lady and this gospel could bless her five children and husband so much!

We also found a Mama and her three girls to teach this week: Dora, Christy, Lindy and Cindy and Tiana.  They were taught before over two years ago, but when they white washed the area, (take out the missionaries and replace them with two new ones) no one ever came back to teach them.  They don't remember much, so we are re-teaching them the lessons.

Well, I think that's it for this week!  Love you all.

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