Monday, November 21, 2016


Mama Suzanne and Papa Isaac and their daughter Tina at the Suva, Fiji Temple
This week we had exchanges!  I stayed in Showground with Sista Rivera.  She was able to show me a lot of her previous investigator’s homes (from when she served in my area) and we were able to visit them again.  Most were still not interested, but it is good to know where they live.  We also had the chance to teach Shila and Kalo together.  Our last lesson with them they voiced some concerns about coming to church because they weren't married and they felt guilty.  We shared with them the story of the woman found in adultery and Christ's response.  It really helped them, and they have made plans to get married the beginning of next year.  They are going to Pentacost (another island in Vanuatu) next month to clear up things with Shila's Dad.  

Papa Isaac and Mama Suzanne
This week it has rained almost every day and the roads are muddy!!!  It's a good thing we can wear flip flops here or Sista Ouamambare and I would be having issues haha!  We need the water though, so it is a blessing.  

I got to teach a lesson in English!!  We were out teaching with a member named Walter who is waiting for his mission call when it started pouring.  We ran to the closest shop we could find to get out of the rain.  While we were standing outside waiting for the rain to stop, the shop owner called us in.  We started talking to him and he said he was from Tuvalu and his name is Sua.  He speaks really good English and so we sat down right there on the floor of his shop and taught him about the restoration in English!  I'm not going to lie, it was a struggle.  I haven't taught in English at all since I taught Sabrina over four months ago.  We shared with him some verses in the Book of Mormon and then Walter bore his testimony in English as well.  It was a really neat experience and the spirit was strong. Sua seemed really interested.   We go back this week to teach him again, hopefully with his wife.

Here are a few pictures of Papa Issac and Mama Suzanne at the Fiji, Suva temple a few weeks ago.  Papa Issac is now our new branch president and is doing a wonderful job.

Sister O. and I are working hard to contact every house in our area.  To me it's a very difficult goal.  I don't mind talking to people, but I HATE going into a new yard where I don't know if there is a dog or not!  The dogs here come out of nowhere and try to bite any open skin!  It's terrifying!!  And they always go for me because I am white and don't look like their owner.  I used to kind of like dogs, but now I dislike them very much . . . at least the dogs here!  Contacting does, however, help us find new investigators, and I haven't been bitten yet.

Tomorrow and Wednesday is zone conference, and Thursday is Sista Ouamambara's birthday so I'll have lots to say next week. Until then I want to let you all know how much I love each of you and appreciate all your prayers in my behalf.  These last few months have been rocky, but I am receiving so much help.  Thank you!

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