Monday, January 16, 2017

Miracles and More Miracles!

This week was an eventful week.  Anerose was baptized on Thursday.  She requested a quiet, small baptism and that is just what we did.  She has already been such a blessing to us.  This past week she has given us three referrals, brought her friend to the baptism on Saturday, and has taught with us as well.  She is just so happy to help as well as involve her two little boys.

Sunday after church, Etna, Jinette and Latrisha were baptized.  They are our miracles!  We had scheduled for Amina's baptism this week, but because of complications she wasn't able to be baptized.  We taught Lisa earlier this week and she told us that she was no longer interested in storying with us.  As we were leaving her house Etna ran up to us and said that even if Lisa didn't want to get baptized she wanted to.  The baptism was one of the most amazing and spiritual baptisms I have attended on my mission.  God really has prepared them and has prepared their families as well.  We will continue to teach Papa Nicolas and Joseph with their children and wives.

Saturday my LAST TRANSFER CALL came!!!  I will be staying in Sharpi with Sista Betero and I could not be happier!  We set goals at the beginning of our first transfer together and we accomplished all of them.  Now we have six more weeks to do even more.

We also followed up with Andre and Annie this week and they are cleared to get married on February third and then Andre will be baptized on the fourth.   Just another testimony of how powerful prayer combined with fasting can be. Now we just have to go through the fun process of paper work to make it happen! 

I know this church is true and I love sharing it with others!  Nothing beats missionary work!!

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