Monday, January 9, 2017


John was baptized this past Saturday!  He was baptized along with the
branch president's little 8-year-old boy.  It was a great experience and he had
lots of his friends show up to support him.  One of his best friends,
Betero, was there to help him the whole time.  Betero will be a great
support for him.

We've continued to work with Annerose and she is set for baptism on
Thursday.  She doesn't want a lot of people there and so we
coordinated with the branch president to make her baptism small and
quiet.  I am so excited for her!  She has been working for this for
almost 6 months now.  She will be a solid member and the gospel will
continue to bless her and her two little boys more than ever.
Lisa is also set for baptism this Saturday.  She has been great!  She
continues to help Julie and without fail has a new person for us to
teach every time we go to her house.  We started teaching her Uncle
yesterday and he was very interested.  He actually already had a Book
of Mormon
and has read a little of it.

We met with Annie and Andre yesterday as well and set a marriage date
with them.  They will be married on February 3 if all goes as planned.
We fasted with them this past week and then went and spoke with
Annie's Dad to ask for permission, which was granted.  It was a
miracle and we are so thankful for God's hand in this whole process.

We made up a game this week called "mi save yu no wantem" or 'I know
you don't want it" when we contact.  We introduce ourselves and if
they say they are interested we teach them, but if they say they aren't
we take turns teaching a principle of the gospel before we go.  Like
this:  "I know you aren't interested and we're about to go, but before
we go I just want you to know that God is our Heavenly Father and he
loves each of us."  Then the next sista says, "We know you aren't
interested and we're just about to go, but before we go we want you to
know that this gospel will bless your family." back and forth, back
and forth and we see how much we can teach them.  Most people just
start laughing and it it's fun for everyone.  Even if we don't end up
teaching them it helps us make new friends with people that we pass on
a regular basis.

I love the work out here!  It is wonderful and God has so much in
store for the wonderful people here in Sharpi.  This really is the
true gospel and does hold so much truth and happiness!

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