Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Zone Conference and FINDING

A beautiful rainbow in my area.
I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoyed your first week of summer!  Here in Santo things are going well.  This past week I went on an exchange with another new sista in our mission. Her name is Sista Jeppson, and she is from Florida!  She is 22 years old, a marine, and just fun to be with!  She got here a month ago and is going through the same things I went through because her trainer is even Sista Tagini (my own trainer)!  She is my sista in the mission. J  We killed it together and taught eight lessons in one day, taught 3 new investigators and contacted like crazy.  We ended it all with a family house night.  It was fun to learn from her and with her during the exchange.  Every exchange I go on I learn something new.  I am so blessed to serve with the missionaries in this mission.

Sista Tonga and I didn't quite reach our goal of finding 10 new investigators this week, BUT that doesn't mean we won't be hitting that goal this week!!!!  We are using tons of things that Elder Pearson taught us, and the methods are working. He truly is an inspired man of God and applying his counsel will lift this mission and change every single missionary.

Zone Conference
 These past two days we have had zone conference!!  We started on Monday with a great MLC (mission leadership conference) with the APs (assistants to the president), zone leaders and President and Sista Granger.  We talked about becoming Masters:  master planners, finders and teachers, and that if we do so we can become a mission of miracles.  The conference was pretty much just a review of everything that Elder Pearson taught us, with a focus on a few things we are going to work together as a mission to improve.  President Granger has come up with a plan to help us become miracle missionaries and here are the five steps:  be obedient, be faithful, work hard, achieve the goals we set and never give up.  We will be praying as a mission every day at 8 a.m. and fasting every fast Sunday to do so, as well as reading the Book of Mormon together.  I know that by following this counsel the mission will change, and the missionaries will more effectively connect others with heaven, and help them remember what they already know from the preexistence.
Elder Lund's last zone conference
All the sistas in the zone with a few photo bombers!

We found an amazing family this week by street contacting.  Their names are Thomas and Rosline and they have a beautiful little girl who is almost a year old.  We taught them the first lesson and invited them to church and they came!!  They stayed all three hours and loved it.  We go back tomorrow to teach them again.  We also started teaching an 18 year old boy, his name is Rico.  His mama just died, and he needs the gospel more than ever right now.  He eats up everything we teach him.  We are continuing to work with Jordan and Eunice.  They are progressing so fast, the only problem is they have an Apostolic church in their backyard. . . so we're working on that.  Joshua is set to be baptized on the 18th of this month and we are continuing to teach his older brother, Robson.  The Lord is blessing us so much and I am so grateful!  

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