Monday, June 27, 2016

Teaching and Birthdays

Sister Tonga and I enjoying birthday cake
Annnnnnnddddd I'm back!!  It's been another wonderful week out here in Vanuatu!! Last Monday we had the chance to have family house night at Flafi and Takame's home with their two little boys Simone and William and Flafi's sister, Cicilia and husband, Abraham.  We taught a lesson about prayer and afterwards while we were eating we brought up the topic of marriage again.  Flafi and Takame aren't married and Takame is a member but Flafi can't become one until they are married.  They told us that Falafi's papa is coming on the 9th of July to marry them!!!  That means that Flafi can get married on the 9th!  We were so happy to hear that news!!  The next two weeks we will be reviewing all the lessons with Flafi again to make sure she is 100% ready!
Family house night at Flafi and Takame's
We've continued working with Sabrina who is scheduled for baptism on the 9th of July as well.  She turns 20 this Tuesday and decided now is the time to turn her life around.  Her family isn't very supportive, but she has two amazing neighbors, Mama Ruth and Fina who are helping her a lot.  They are a huge blessing.  

Sista Tonga and I have been praying and fasting to be able to be prepared to have the Lord send us prepared people to hear the gospel.  This week we were able to find five new investigators!!  One is a mama who is around 30 years old and has been taught by multiple missionaries, but hasn't been able to get married due to her husband.  Now she and her husband are divorced and she can be baptized!  Her name is Mary and she was taught the gospel in Tanna, Malekula and now here in Santo.  She knows so much and is so sweet.  I really look forward to teaching her!

Sister Tonga's birthday
Sunday was Sista Tonga’s 21st birthday.  We celebrated by TEACHING and going to church! J Then we went over to Tony and Pricila’s house for cake because Pricila’s birthday was also on Sunday.  We also gave some training to a few of the auxiliaries in our branch on Sunday.  Hopefully this will help with how smoothly things go on Sundays.  We hope that more of what is supposed to happen will actually happen in our branch. J

I want you all to know that I know that God answers prayers!  I have prayed my heart out this week, even more than normal, and I know that God is hearing me and answering me.  The promise in 3 Nephi 18:15-20 is so very true.  If your desire is good and according to His will, then the Lord will grant to you the desires of your heart.  When His will becomes yours, He will help, no matter what you ask!  He is in the details of our lives.  I know it.  Heavenly Father will lead us and carry us when no one else can.  Someone once said that God gives us a million reasons to believe and then one or two not to.  I hope that we cling to all that we know and don't let the two or three reasons not to believe prevent us from receiving all that the Lord has in store for us.  

I love you all!  Have a fantastic week!

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