Monday, June 13, 2016

Banban for dayzzz

A district hike in the bush
This week was a little slow and we only had three days to work in our area due to zone conference, but we tried our best to work hard and were able to find three new investigators.  One is a 20 year old girl named Sabrina and she amazes me!  She came to church last Sunday with her neighbor, Mama Fina.  She has grown up as a Jehovah's Witness, but hasn't been to church in quite some time.  She is super smart and knows English, French and Bislama.  She wears make-up and dresses up for church, which is unheard of here!!  You never see anyone here wearing make-up or taking time to do their hair so she stands out.  I love teaching her because she is so interested and asks so many questions.  She really liked church and wants to learn more.  I’ll keep you updated as we continue to teach her.  

There is a little girl in our branch that I just want to tell you a little about.  She is ten years old and just adorable, but unfortunately has no support from home.  She joined the church about 7 months ago and continues to come every single Sunday all by herself.  Sometimes I come to church and see her sitting all by herself in the corner.  She is amazing and I hope I can have the kind of courage and determination she has.  She is a covenant keeper at just ten years old!

My ear started hurting again about a week ago.  So I went back to the doctor yesterday.  He said it is a chronic ear infection and won't go away unless I get tubes put in.  They can start me on medication again, but it will only work until I finish the medication and then it will come back again.  So at this point we have two options:  There is an ENT coming into Vila on Saturday, if he can put tubes in they will fly me to Vila and he will do it.  If he can't or doesn't have the equipment then I will have to  most likely come home to have the procedure done . . . so right now I'm waiting on a call from Sista Hill to see what is going to happen.  This ear thing is getting old.  I told the doctor yesterday where I am from (the mountains and desert) and he said that's why I'm having so many problems.  Change in climate and acclimation does a lot for those little bacteria!  Ugh!

After emailing on Wednesday, my district hiked to a cave in the middle of the bush. . . it was interesting and fun!  As you can see from the pictures, hiking in Vanuatu isn't much like hiking in Utah haha!  We enjoyed the time and tried some new things!
Climbing across a bamboo bridge on a district hike

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