Monday, February 6, 2017

More Miracles!

Sorry, we don't have a lot of time this week because we are leaving early to go for a district hike in Fanafol. . .  BUT this week was a good, busy week!  We worked a lot with a couple named Dona and Dean and our goal was to set a marriage date with them this week. Dona is Annie's brother (Annie is Andre's woman and will become his wife on the 18th) and so his family has been very supportive.  It's been really neat to watch Dean especially when we teach the two of them.  Dean is a member of the Church of Christ and knows a lot about the Bible but as we have really focused on The Book of Mormon when we teach and read with them, her eyes and heart have been opened.  However, on Saturday we went for an appointment only to find out that Dean is going to Ambae, a small outer island, and doesn't know when she will be getting home.  It was really hard to say goodbye, knowing that we probably will never see her again.  I just hope and pray she continues to read and study so that when she comes back to Santo she will be ready for marriage and baptism with Dona.

Annie and Andre are doing wonderful!  Andre is probably my favorite investigator to teach because his questions send me back to the house to find answers.  The marriage is still on for the 18th, followed by his baptism!

We finally tracked down a previous investigator of Sista Manly, Ocean.  She was all ready for baptism but then she went to the bush for a few months.  Tom, one of her best friends who is a returned missionary, also came back from Vila the same week Ocean came back from the bush.  Tom has been great about helping Ocean and involving her.  He has been a blessing to her and us.  She is also working towards baptism on the 18th of this month.

This week we had some fun times with drunk men as well.  We got stoned and followed on two different occasions.  It scared poor Sista Betero pretty bad, but God really is protecting us.  When we got stoned there was a mama outside her yard that pulled us in and went and yelled at the men. And we were able to lose the drunk man that was following us.  We're definitely trying to be more aware and cautious though. There's a reason why we have to be home by dark!

On Thursday night we ate dinner with our American neighbors and their Bahi friends from Kiribati and Iran.  It was a very interesting mix of people, but a good chance to share our beliefs.  We gave them a Book of Mormon as well as the Restoration pamphlet.  They were interested to hear about what we do, but unfortunately not very interested in the gospel itself.  We hope that they will read The Book of Mormon and pray about it, and then maybe they will be more receptive.

I've done a lot of studying about church history this week and it is fascinating.  It has opened my eyes even more to the massive plan that God has!  His work will move forward and nothing will stand in it's way.  I'm so thankful to be part of that work.  I love it!  Have a great week!

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