Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mission Leadership Conference

Sunset in Vanuatu
Dolcy was baptized this past Saturday!  It was not easy for her to get to the chapel at numba two but she came and was able to be baptized.  I am always so amazed with people who are physically limited yet are so willing to do what their Savior asks of them.  Dolcy was so happy, but very tired by the end of the day. I love her very much and make sure her to tell her "nindondomiac" (which means "I love you" in the Tongoa language) every time we leave her home.
Dolcy's baptism
Sista Sellesin got lice this week. . . luckily Sista Lemus was staying with us and was able to help Sista Sellesin because I just could not make myself touch her head once I found out what was living on it!  Eww!  We got it all taken care of and the lice are dead, as of now.  Yeah!!  Hopefully I don't find out that I have lice in a few days. . . . oh the joys of living in Vanuatu, right? J

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, the Vanuatu Port Vila Mission had their first ever mission-wide mission leadership conference (MLC).  We flew in the missionaries from New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, and the other islands of Vanuatu and met with all the sister training leaders, zone leaders, assistants and the President and his wife.  We spent two days focusing on how we can become better missionaries by becoming more obedient, recording our key indicators correctly, being good examples, becoming united, and so on. One thing that really stuck out to me is how a mission is only as good as the missionaries in it.  The mission president also reminded us that we should be obedient because we love the Savior, not just because we're scared of the consequences.  I learned a lot, and cannot wait to get out into my new area with my new companion and apply all that we have learned!  We are going to light Banban West on FIRE!!  
Mission Leadership Conference
All the “arrivers” (new missionaries) came on Wednesday and guess who was in the group!  ELDA BROADBENT from South Jordan!!!  We went to high school together.  It was super exciting to see him and talk just a little bit about home.  He'll be staying in Efate and working in the office so I won't get to see him a ton, but we're each where the Lord needs us to serve.  

So right now I am in the mission office with a few others waiting to fly from the capital city of Port Vila on the island of Efate to the northern island of Espiritu Santo.  We should have flown out this morning, but there was 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Espiritu Santo as well as a tropical storm . . . so we are waiting it out in the office.  Sista Tonga'onevai is my new companion and is from The Kingdom of Tonga.  She is pretty much the coolest sista out here in the mission- just sayin. J  She is super funny and speaks English incredibly well.  I think we will be getting along well.  However, saying goodbye to Sista Sellesin was super hard and some tears were definitely shed.  I pray that she and Sista Norton will keep up the good work here in Ohlen and look after all the investigators and new members that I love so much.  

Well, that's a wrap for this week.  I love you all, have an awesome week!

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