Monday, April 18, 2016

Banban Wabam!

Cicillia with her new baby and little girl
I hope you all had a wonderful week.  I'm slowly adjusting to how things work here in Santo.  This week we did a lot of work in our area and that helped because I am getting to know and love the people here in Banban.  They are so sweet and accepting, and it’s such a relief to see them after we've wandered through the jungle for 20 minutes or so trying to find their house! J 

On Thursday and Friday this week, we made an exchange with Sista Manley (U.S.A.) and Sista Rivera (Philippines).  I spent the day with Sista Manly and it was so weird!!  I haven't been with an American for so long!!  I swear we didn't stop talking the whole time we were together.  She just got here two weeks ago and we both agreed that we had never felt so close to someone before just because we are from the same country!  We taught a lot in Banban and it forced me to figure out how to get around my area.  While we were on exchange, Sista Manly and I found a new mama who wants to hear the discussions.  Her name is Flafi and she is half Nivan/Kiribati.  She has two little boys and her husband is actually a member of the church.  We were able to teach her and her sister together at the same time.  She wants to continue receiving the discussions.  With her husband’s help they both will be able to do a lot to help their family progress.

We are also working with an awesome couple, Tony and Priscilla.  This past week we committed them to baptism!  Tony is a truck driver and Priscilla is a hard working mama.  They have been coming to church and just “eat up” the lessons we teach them.  I love them with all my heart and can't wait to see them get baptized on the 30th of this month.  Priscilla loves church and they bring their two little pikinini as well.  
Cicillia's daughter Leann
One miracle happened on Friday.  I was sitting on a mat teaching a lesson when someone came up behind me and grabbed my shoulders.  I turned around and guess who it was?!  Netty, Mama Rachel's daughter, an investigator that I was teaching in Ohlen (my last area)!!  I was so excited!!  She just moved here with her daughter so that she could be with her husband who is working here in Santo.  We get to teach her AND her husband now!!  It was a miracle to see someone I know.  It’s such a blessing for me to have the chance to teach her and her husband together.  

I love you all.  I know this church is true and that Heavenly Father and our Savior are always beside us helping us and carrying us through the hard times we face.  In Joshua we are told to "Be strong and of a good courage.  Be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee, withersoever thou goest."  I know this is true.  This week I have been carried and the love my Heavenly Father and Savior have for me has been so evident.  Look for that love and seek for it.  You WILL find it!
Sitting in the back of a truck

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  1. What an awesome blog!! Sister Draper does such a good job documenting all her experiences. I am Sister (Sista) Haley Manly's mom. I went out to google a picture of the Santo chapel and found your blog! I was so surprised to see the same picture (mother holding her newborn in her arms) that Haley had sent us--but from a slightly different angle. I'm sure they had a great day working together. Haley's email got lost in cyberspace, but her pictures from the week came through. Your blog made my day!