Monday, March 7, 2016


Frank and Lulu with their new puppies
This week started off with a bang!  On Tuesday we tried something new.  We had a market stall in the main market in Port Vila.  In the market stall we handed out pamphlets, pass along cards, Buk Blong Momons and contacted, contacted, contacted!!  By the end of the day we had handed out 600 Restoration pamphlets, 700 pass along cards and made 157 contacts and 24 of them are in the Ohlen area!!!  It was so fun to stand up with all the other missionaries and talk with anyone who would stop.  We had missionaries there from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.  We plan to do it every week.  Now the next step is to contact, teach and baptize!
The Market Stall
One sista in our zone found out on Monday that her mom had passed away.  She is from Kiribati and hasn't had any contact with her family since she left home almost 9 months ago, due to lack of internet access and funds.  Her sister somehow found her phone number and called her and told her the news.  Sista Sellesin and I have been doing everything we can this week to help her.  She talked to me the other night and told me that she and her mom were best friends and did everything together.  Before she left on her mission her mom told her to be strong and trust God no matter what happened. . . little did she know.  I am so very thankful for the Plan of Salvation because it makes losing someone easier--not easy, but easier.  The thing that is keeping this sista going is that sure knowledge and her faith in God.  She has taught me a lot this week. 

Sista Sellesin got super sick on Wednesday night due to abdominal pain.  She couldn't lie down because she couldn't breathe, and so she couldn't sleep.  We stayed home on Thursday because she couldn't even walk.  By the end of the day we had called the nurse and set up an appointment for the following day with the doctor.  She apparently has gall stones, and just needs to take medication and take it easy until they go away.  Please keep her in your prayers.

For service on Thursday we helped Mama Vero build a school.  We loaded up five truckloads of rocks and then unloaded them to even out the ground so that this week we can lay cement on top of it.  I was so stinking tired by the end of the day and could barely lift my arms.  I'm just glad that building this school will help a lot of little kiddos have the chance to learn how to read and write when they otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity.

On Sunday Florence, Jr and Francisca came to church with Sonia!!!  We were so happy to see them!  Florence just lost her job and is still having issues with her husband.  She feels like she needs something more in her life.  We were more than happy to teach her what that is. J

I love you all and hope you make it a wonderful week!  
Annie, her baby brother, and a friend

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