Monday, March 21, 2016

Live'n the Life

Me and my best friend in Vanuatu!
This week was pretty mellow.  Sista Sellesin got the flu so we stayed home on Thursday and Friday, but that only meant that on Saturday we worked extra hard.  Teaching New Jennie on Saturday had to be the highlight of the week though.  The last lesson we taught her was about the Plan of Salvation (Plan Blong Sevem Man).  When we asked her what she remembered, she told us the whole plan and said she had read the pamphlet, and the first two chapters in the Buk Blong Mormon as well as the chapter in Alma we gave her to read!!!  She is just such a smart lady and is so interested in learning about the gospel.  She says that she wants to read the whole Buk Blong Mormon because she thinks it is so interesting.  She really hungers after knowledge and I love it!!  The only bummer is she leaves for the islands next week and won't be back for 3 weeks. . . hopefully I don't get transferred.  The longer I stay in Ohlen, the more I love the people that I'm around every day.  I love the way they talk, joke around, laugh, smile, live and just enjoy life.  Vanuatu really is the best mission in the world:)

Sista Sellesin and I also started teaching three young women in our ward English this week.  They are struggling in school because they can't understand English well, so we thought we would help them.  It's super fun actually!  After our first class though, Sista Sellesin told me she had been thinking about becoming a teacher but now has no desire to be one haha!  Being a teacher takes a lot of patience!  

On Monday, our district decided to have a "last supper" because two of our eldas are going to the Solomon Islands this coming week.  We went to a beach and roasted a pig!  The whole zone ended up showing up and we played volley and ate.  It was a lot of fun and a good way to relax and spend P-day.  
Roast on the beach with the district
Pictured are Elda Moala and Welegtabit
Another highlight of this week was going to church and seeing Emily and Shem and all their kids sitting together in church as well as Papa German and Margret and their family.  It just makes me smile from ear to ear to see them all together.  What's even better is knowing that this isn't temporary, it can be eternal!  The gospel is such a wonderful thing!

Grace came to church as well as Suzane!  They both stayed for the whole 3 hours and the young women just welcomed Grace with open arms, it was wonderful.  We need to work on getting the Relief Society a little more welcoming.  The members really do play a huge role in helping investigators feel welcome and loved.

Olivier is set to get baptized this coming Saturday.  He is counting down the days and couldn't be more excited.  Whenever he sees us walking around in Ohlen Mataso, he runs over and grabs our hands and tells us how many more days he has left until he can get baptized- he's just a little excited:)   I love you all.  Have a great week. 
My comp can do anything with my hair!

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