Monday, February 22, 2016

Fiji Temple Rededication

After the Fiji Temple Rededication
We moved to a new house this week!  My third house in the same area, but this one beats them all.  Not only is it a 23 minute walk closer to our area, but it's COLD!!  I've had to sleep with a blanket on for the last 3 nights and nothing has ever felt so good! J  I have to say, I love the

So this week has been crazy with my ear!  I woke up on Tuesday and couldn't hear anything out of my left ear.  I woke Sista Sellesin up crying saying I was going to be deaf the rest of my life.  It was the scariest thing ever!!  We called the nurse and we went to the doctor again, but they only gave me MORE medications that didn't work!

Finally Saturday came and I went to my appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor.  He is from New Caledonia and was educated in France.  He told me I have a “mushroom infection” and gave me more meds.  He said it could take up to three more months to heal and that I pretty much just have to deal with the pain and underwater feeling until then.  I wanted to cry!  I am so stinking sick of this ear infection!!  The mission nurse told me on Monday I would probably have to go home because of it, so all week I've been freaking out about that, but after the appointment she just said, "Ok, this is an easier fix than I thought!"  But it’s not an easy fix because the meds aren’t helping!  The ENT prescribed me the same ear drops as before and gave me a decongestant for my nose.  I've already dealt with two months of this misery, I guess I can handle three more!  Opposition in all things, right?!  Please pray for me!

We were led to two new investigators this week:  Patricia and Oliva.  Oliva is a boy who is nine years old and belongs to a part-member family.  We are teaching him and working with his family as well.  It's so fun to teach him because all his friends gather around to listen.  We usually have 5-10 pikinini listening in on our lessons with him. 

Patricia is older, but has apparently been watching us as we've taught Enet the lessons.  She just came up to us the other day after a lesson with Enet and asked if we were busy on Saturday.  She wanted to set up a time for us to teach her (miracle or what?!).  We, of course, said we could teach her and had a great lesson with her on Saturday.  She is Protestant, but after we taught her about the Restoration, she said she believed everything we said and would pray and ask Papa God about the Buk Blong Mormon.  We go back to teach her again this coming Saturday.
Teaching Oliva and his friends
This week Sista Sellesin and I decided to spend our "finding hour" out visiting less-active members asking them for referrals.  We went to visit Mary Yataka, but she was busy. As we were walking out of her yard her less-active sister, Rebekah, called us over.  We started talking with her and she told us that her little boy had fallen out of a swing about a month ago and had landed on his back.  It made his back swell up for a while, but then he was fine.  Well, last week, his back swelled up again and he got super weak and shaky and now he can't even walk or move because of how much pain he is in.  We called the Eldas to come give little Thomas a blessing, and they were able to do so.  We visited young Thomas a few days later after he went to the doctor for an X-ray.  They are still waiting for results from the X-ray, but Rebekah told us that after the blessing Thomas took a nap and then stood up and walked!  He still limps and is in a lot of pain, but he is walking!!  Sista Sellesin and I were overjoyed and so were the Eldas when we told them.  The church is true!!  Priesthood power works!  I am so thankful for the constant source of priesthood power in my life, at home and on my full-time mission.  

On Sunday our stake had the chance to watch the Fiji Temple re-dedication broadcast.  It was incredible!  The spirit was so strong and having the chance to hear from Quentin L. Cook and Henry B. Eyring was unforgettable.  I learned a lot and just cannot wait to go back to the temple again.  We had a few recent converts attend, as well as Mama Emily.  I felt like it is super important to start working with them to get to the temple, even if it is a ways a way.  More work for this week!

I love you all!  MAKE it a good week and go out and do some missionary work, it makes you so stinkin happy! J
Sunset in Vanuatu

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