Monday, February 1, 2016

Miracles All Around Us!

Zone training with Sista Sellesin, Me, Lianos and Omae
This week just flew by and I can't believe it is Monday again!  We had two sistas stay with us this week that are headed off to New Caledonia today.  Sista Vogel is from America and Sista Decady is from Canada.  They had the chance to come out and work in our area with us for a few days and I was actually really concerned if they could do it.  It's extremely hot right now here in Vanuatu, and they really struggled with the heat and walking.  They didn't complain, but can't wait to get to New Caledonia where they have cars and air conditioning!  J 
Arriver's dinner at the mission home (Yes, that's a swimming pool that the mission president and his wife use.)
We had a few very special experiences this week.  On Tuesday, we went to teach Sonia a lesson and right as we sat down an old man yelled at us to come over and talk to him.  I got super excited and thought he wanted to hear what we were sharing. . . . well, I was wrong.  He told us that we were on his property and that we didn't have permission to be teaching Sonia there.  He also said that if we came back or if Sonia went through with her baptism, he would kick her out of her house.  He also informed me that Vanuatu has absolutely no problems and that I should go back to America and teach people who actually have problems and need the word of God.  I got a kick out of that once I had left, but in the moment I was just praying that Papa God would help me know how to respond.  He did, and we were able to leave without any harsh feelings, but we couldn't go back and teach Sonia.  We met up with her mom, Florence, once she got off work that night and talked with her about the problem.  She pretty much said she would go look for a new house, but for now we just had to stop teaching Sonia and not go back to her home.  I left feeling so sad because Sonia has such a desire to be baptized and go to seminary, and she loves going to church.  Well, that night around 10 p.m. I got a call from Florence saying that she had found a house and we could go over the next day and teach Sonia and we could go through with her baptism this coming Saturday!!!  If that isn't a miracle, I don't know what is!!  Sonia was sooooo happy and we were jumping up and down with joy!  Sista Vogel even did a victory dance!  God will help those who are doing what is right, there's proof right there!

Later that night, we went to the store because our support for the transfer was a day late.  While we were there a man approached us and asked us to teach his family.  We set up a time and went and taught him.  His name is Torah and he has three children and a beautiful wife.  It was probably the weirdest lesson I've ever taught just because Sista Vogel and Sista Decady taught half the lesson in French, I taught some in Bislama and Sista Sellesin taught some in English.  As missionaries we couldn't really follow the lesson, but you could feel the spirit and Torah just drank it up.  We go back to teach him again this week so I will let you know how that goes. 
Saying goodbye to Elda Card (from New Zealand)
Zone training took place this week as well.  As Sista Training Leaders we got to give a little bit of training as well as the Zone Leaders.  We all ended up speaking on following the promptings of the Holy Spirit when you teach.  My buddy, Elda Card, who actually went home this week, shared a few experiences from his mission where he either had or didn't have the Holy Spirit when he taught and the lessons he learned because of it.  I think all the missionaries there learned a lot.  

I love you all and hope you make the best of the week ahead of you!

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