Monday, November 2, 2015

Transfers and Baptisms

My Jack-o-lantern from Vanuatu!
This week has been nice gogo!!!  We have stayed really busy and have worked a lot of hours in the hot, hot sun, but it feels so good!
On Tuesday we met with a new investigator named Grim.  He is a papa of two pikinini and is married to a beautiful young lady and plays in a string band.  We went to story with him and he sat down with his Bible and started questioning everything we taught him and asked for backup from the Bible.  He has read the Bible and is just like Joseph Smith.  He sees all the different churches, but doesn't know which one to choose.  We didn't have all the answers to his questions, but we promised to find answers and learn together next time we came.  That night Sista Tagini and I got to work!  We used "True to the Faith," "Bible Dictionary," "Preach My Gospel" and all other resources we had and we learned a ton!!  It was awesome.  Scott told me one time that you can find answers to any question you have if you look in the scriptures.  We found answers to all of Grim's questions and much, much more.  I am so excited to teach him tomorrow and show him what we found.  He loves learning and has such a strong desire to follow Christ's example.  The church is true!!  Proof is EVERYWHERE!

Beautiful sunset!
On Wednesday I got to go on an exchange with Sista Tune.  She finishes her mission this Wednesday so it was good to learn from her and see a different style of teaching the gospel principles.  She is over the Mapaloa area so I got to meet new people and stay in a new house for the night.  We had a lot of fun! She even made me pancakes for dinner:)
Elder Jefferies, Sister Draper, Allision, Simone, and Sister Tagini
Saturday, Allision and Simone were baptized!!  The baptism was supposed to start at 10 a.m. but Allision and Simone didn't show up until 10:45!  Luckily, we are on island time here in Vanuatu, so all was fine and the baptism still happened-- just an hour late:)  Elda Jefferies performed the baptism and did a fantastic job.  After the service, we ate lunch with Sista Tune and Sista Torea who go home this week.  It was sad to say goodbye, but they have done amazing things here and have done a lot of good.  A mission isn't a waste of time!

Transfers were on Saturday and I didn't know they would be so intense haha!  Elda Iloa told us he would call around 8 p.m. to tell us what would happen . . . but 8 came . . . and then 9 came. . and then 10 came. . . and finally at 11 (when I was sure I was going to die) he finally called!  Sista Tagini and I will be staying together in Ohlen, BUT we have been called to serve as the Sister Training Leaders over the islands of Efate and Tanna.  I feel pretty overwhelmed.  I haven't finished training yet and now I'm supposed to go around teaching others during exchanges and teach at zone training and conferences. . . I have a lot of praying to do and will be relying more heavily on the Lord to say the least. 

Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts, and letters.  I love you all so much and thank God for you every day.  Have a fantastic week!
Happy Halloween from Vanuatu!

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