Monday, November 23, 2015

Elder Benry and Elder Ratu

Pikinini with a giant lizard (yes, I put it on my head and when
it started to crawl down my face I freaked out!)
This week has been one of the hardest in the mission so far, I just need to trust that God is in charge and has a plan for each and every one of us.

That's so weird to think that it's getting cold back at home in Utah and that you're using the heater!  All I want is air conditioning!  There is nothing better than good old AC:) We are moving into a new house tomorrow that is bigger so that we can host more sistas.  It has everything. .  . . . except for A.C.

Earlier in the week, Sista Tagini and I were able to do an exchange with the sistas in Malapoa.  They are in a trio so I stayed in Ohlen with Sista Beniata and Sista Oramnatang while Sista Tagini and Tesinga went to Malapoa.  We were able to get a lot of work done and, because all three of us are pretty new, improve our language skills.  These exchanges help me a ton because the other sistas expect me to lead, so I get to improve on that during exchanges.  I love those two sistas and was sad when the exchange ended.  Good thing we see them every week at district meeting:)
Sister Rivera (serving in Malapoa) and Sister Draper
On Wednesday, Sista Rivera and Eron flew in from Santo because Sista Eron has been having random fevers for the last three weeks.  They've been to the doctors in Santo and in Vila and can't find anything wrong.  It's scary to see her go from smiling and laughing to weak and shaking in just minutes.  It has us all very worried.  Sista Granger is thinking about sending her to another country for a third opinion.  We'll see what happens. For now they are staying with us and we are doing our best to help her in any way that we can.

On Friday, we got a call from the sistas in Santo saying that Elda Benry had been killed.  We could not believe what we were hearing.  Later that night, Elda Iund called me and explained to me what had happened and asked us to pray and fast for:  the eldas involved in the accident, Elda Benry's family and the Mission President and his wife.  Apparently five eldas were driving to the airport to send one to come to Vila for a transfer when they decided to switch from the designated driver to another elda who isn't very experienced at driving.  The roads in Santo are not even and when they hit a pot hole, the driver over corrected and flipped the truck.  Elda Benry was killed instantly.  Elda Ratu, the elda from New Zealand that came with me to Vila, was ejected from the car and is in critical condition.  He has been flown back to Auckland, New Zealand for medical care and recovery.  The other three eldas were not hurt.  Our mission has been mourning and praying and fasting for everyone involved in the accident.  At the time, the Mission President was in Tanna (The home of Elda Benry).  He was able to fly to Santo that day and then Tanna the next day to be with Elda Benry's family during a small funeral.  Please keep these people in your prayers. (See the next blog post to read the letter from the mission president.)

The day following the accident, Sista Rivera and I had the chance to teach the Plan of Salvation.  Maybe it's because I've never had anyone close to me die before, but as I taught the lesson, I KNEW that what I was teaching was true.  By the end of the lesson our investigator, Sista Rivera, and I were all crying.   Elda Benry will see his family again!  This life is not the end, and because of that knowledge, we can continue our lives with a greater desire to live so we are worthy to live again with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  Elder Richard G. Scott was an amazing example of that as he did everything he could while he was in this world so that he could be with his beloved wife and two children who have already passed on.  

I love you all.  Thanks for the prayers and letters and emails.  Have a happy Thanksgiving!  
Crab for dinner!

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  1. Hi there, please contact me as we know Elder Ratu. Deepest condolences to all those involved and their families. God bless #FamiliesAreForever