Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First Week in the MTC

My incredible MTC district.
Hey there everybody!!  This is SISTER Draper reporting from the Provo MTC!!  This week has been one of the hardest and most stretching weeks of my life.  But, I know, without a doubt, that I am supposed to be here.  I love, love, love this gospel and my Savior!  I cannot wait to get to Vanuatu and serve the people there!  

A little bit about my district.  We have 10 people total (3 sisters and 6 elders).  Elder Jefferies and I are going to Vanuatu, 6 others are going to Barbados and 1 to Trinidad.  We call ourselves the island district and always do the hang loose sign, cause. . . we can!!  They are amazing!!  They all have such strong testimonies and we all help each other out.  It's great because even though we come from all over the country and have different backgrounds, we have one thing in common:  our desire to learn and teach about Jesus Christ and we love each other for it.  I leave for Vanuatu on the 20th at noon.  I'll fly from the SLC airport to San Fran to Auckland, New Zealand (Parker and I will be on the same island!!), to Fiji and THEN to Vanuatu.  The whole trip will take about two days. Elder Jefferies and I will stay busy teaching the people on all four of our airplane flights, so no worries:)

Big shout out to anyone who's sent me a letter!  My district leader has started putting all the letters on my desk instead of sorting them out to everyone.   He says there's no point and they're all for me anyway haha.  So, girls if you wan't a missionary to write, Elder Kasteler is welcoming letters, he doesn't get any apparently (except from his mommy) and is feeling quite deprived:)

Last night we got to hear from Sister Roxanne Wixom, general primary president, about making the best our of our missions.  She told the story of Nephi and his brother's going on a "mission" to get the plates from Laban.  She pointed out that even though they both completed the mission, they came back with completely different attitudes and outlooks on life.  We need to love and turn outward and THEN our missions will be successful.  I also got a hug from her afterwards, so that was a bonus:)

Sunday was the best day at the MTC so far.  We had personal study and then had sacrament meeting.  I got called on to talk about repentance and so that was fun.  I've talked 3 weeks in a row- wahoo! .  . That night we got to have  a devotional and watch a movie by Elder David A. Bednar about the character of Christ.  He stressed the importance of being unselfish and looking for ways to serve others rather than focusing on ourselves.  I loved the talk and have set a lot of goals for myself. 

I have seen a ton of people I know here and it's so much fun!  I've seen Abby Jensen, Chandler Morris, Parker Atkein, Mitchell Walters, Josh Newbold, Taylor Walker (answer to pray running into her) and so many others.  It's pretty neat to see people you've grown up with doing something so amazing:)

I love it here.  I really do.  I am supposed to be on a mission:)  Thanks for all your email, letters, prayers and love.  I love you all!

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