Thursday, September 24, 2015

From Sister Stevens

Vanuatu from my airplane window.
From Sister Stevens, a senior missionary serving in the Vanuatu mission office:

Dear Sister Draper,

Yes your daughter arrived here safely!! – Finally!!  We felt so bad that the MTC driver didn’t pick up their packets with their visa paper in it and they had to go all the way back to the MTC for a couple of days.  I gave her a big hug. I have to say they looked pretty bleary eyed. I told her if they had to go back to the MTC it was too bad it wasn’t on a Wednesday where they have the ice cream and chocolate and marshmallow sauce! We have another sister from Kiribati coming in today – Sister Oreamatang. Her original flight from Fiji was cancelled.

One of the AP’s – Elder Crowell from Washington – was definitely being the “brother” type and showing her pictures of icky food to eat and not so nice places to live.  I wanted to smack him. Honestly! – the girls on this island live in nice places with full kitchens and washing machines. (We have a swimming pool where we live but it hasn’t been repaired yet since the cyclone last March.) The mission president and a whole bunch of other elders took the new arrivals all out to lunch at a nice restaurant.

My husband and I were “transferred” here from Melbourne. We had been there for a month and 3 days when we got the call saying they were desperate for an office couple here – just had a couple of elders doing everything – and they/we have to do all the visas here. Anyway, it took another couple of months to get our visa so we got 3 months in Oz (Australia) so we’ve only been here in Vanuatu since August 5th.

The Mission President here in Vanuatu is also new – just since July. I will talk to him about letting the missionaries email home. I just think he hadn’t thought about it yet.  In Melbourne we always let the new missionaries email home the second they hit the office.

With love,

Sister Stevens
Vanuatu Port Vila Mission
O: 678-23146
M: 678-550-1272

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