Monday, October 17, 2016

Electricity is coming to Showground!

Lorina with Sister O.
The big news bouncing around Showground is that electricity is
coming!!  There have been a few men spray painting the dirt to
indicate where power lines will eventually be.  Everyone is super
excited to hear that they will have a reliable source of power and not
have to rely on solar any longer.  They say the power lines will be
installed within the next two or three months.

We have continued to teach Lilly and Veronica this week.  I love,
love, love teaching Mama Veronica!!  She is just an amazing lady and
teaching her is always a highlight of our day.  She is Leann's aunt
which is super convenient because Leann was baptized while I was
serving in Banban.  Veronica recognizes that her church has a few
things that aren't right.  She reads The Book of Mormon and could
talk for hours about what she learns from it.  Lilly is progressing as
well, but she isn't quite as excited about keeping the commitments as
Veronica is.  She does have a lot of good insights though.  We set a
baptismal date for them on the 29th of October, so we will be working
and praying for them like crazy!

Lorina is progressing as well.  It has been a little difficult because she
is living on her sister's land and her sister is a SDA
(Seventh Day Adventist).  This makes her nervous to commit to baptism.
However, she is a cousin of Mama Veronica, and so we think that getting
them to progress and have lessons together will help a lot.  It will
give her the confidence and support that she needs.

Mama Linda has decided to stay in Banban!!  I was so excited to hear
that she was staying.  We need all the strong members that we can get
and so this was wonderful news.  She will do a lot of good for our
branch.  I just hope and pray that Pauline and Jackson will continue
to go to church back in Ohlen now that Jackson's mom is here in

Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf.  They mean so much to me
and help me so very much.  I love you all and hope you all have a
wonderful week!

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