Monday, August 1, 2016

Bye, bye Banban!

Shadrack (He baptized Sabrina in French), Joshua, Edwina,
Mary, Sabrina, Me, and Sista Tonga
This week was fantastic!  If you take a look at the pictures you will know exactly why!  We had a miracle week and the baptism on Friday proves it.

Sabrina:  After speaking with her on Wednesday and using the help of the sisters in Showground, Sabrina decided to get baptized.  She realized that she was denying herself the blessing that her Heavenly Father had in store for her because she was scared of her own weaknesses.  She has come to realize that she can only become who she ultimately wants to be through the Atonement and the help of a loving Heavenly Father and older brother, Jesus Christ.  She is a miracle and she will forever have a special place in my heart.  We have been through major ups and downs together, laughed and cried together, and I will miss her so much. Her goal moving forward is to prepare to enter the temple in a year from now and then go out and serve a full-time mission.  She has taught me so much about humility and true desire.  I love her so much!

Joshua finally got baptized!  It's so amazing to see someone I have worked with for so long finally make that step and get baptized.  He was so happy and shared a great testimony at the end of the baptismal service.  He says that he wants to serve a mission as well, but that will have to wait until he is married and is a little older.  He's a great guy and couldn't have been happier to finally get baptized.

Mary:  after waiting for years and years took the step to get baptized on Friday.  She was so shy and quiet during the program which is really unusual for her, but she was smiling the whole time.  God does answer prayers.  She is the one Sista Tonga and I prayed and fasted to be able to find someone that day that we could teach and baptize.  God sent us the most prepared woman in the world- Mary.

Edwina, sweet little Edwina was baptized as well.  Her mom, Netty, cried and cried when Edwina bore her testimony which made me start crying as well.  Oh man I wish so bad that Netty could be baptized.  She wants to so much, but she has to get married first and her man, Edward, doesn't want to get married.  She either has to separate from him (get divorced) or marry him to get baptized.  She has three children with him and she feels like they need a father.  So until “her man” has a change of heart she’s stuck.   I trust that God will bless her as much as He would if she could be baptized.  I love their family very much and they have taught me more than they know.  

Sista Manatau and me in front of our new house and car
Transfers came on Saturday and Sista Tonga and I are both out of Banban.  They will be putting two elders in our place because the mission leaders have decided it’s too bush (too remote and too much of a jungle) to have sisters in that area.  For now, Sista Tonga will be going to another area in Santo called Pepsi and I will be serving in Second Canal with Sista Manatau (from West Valley City) . . . . who is an AMERICAN!!!!  I freaked out a little when I found out.  I just don't know how to deal with Americans anymore! J  She will be my first American companion.  But the last few days have been a blast, and she will be able to be a great STL as well.  We go to Port Vila next week for a mission wide MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) again so we'll have lots of time learning together.  For the first time on my mission I have air conditioning, hot water AND an oven . . . so that means I’ll be able to bake myself a birthday cake at the end of the month! 

Well, that's it for this week!  I love you all and hope you have a great week.

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