Monday, May 16, 2016

First baptism in Santo!

With Selvider (Takame and Flafi's little boy)
This week was amazing and had a great start!  I loved talking with my family for Mother's Day and seeing their faces.  I'm so blessed to have such an incredible and supportive family!

This week we started another round of exchanges.  I got to spend a full day with Sista Rivera, from the Philippines.  Whenever I am around her I feel so uplifted.  She is amazing and the kind of missionary I am constantly trying to become.  We had companionship study together and she taught me more than I could ever teach her.  She needs to be the Sister Training Leader!! We got out into Banban and worked hard and taught like crazy.  She showed me some of the Christlike attribute activities she uses and her pearls of wisdom in teaching.  She truly is amazing and we will be lifelong friends! 
Lean was baptized this week!  I was very concerned after we talked to her last week and asked her why she didn't show up to her baptism.  She said she wasn't sure she was making the right choice.  So we shared a scripture and asked her to ask Papa God.  I promised her that this was the right choice.  When we went back on Wednesday she was set on being baptized on Saturday, no matter how much her father was against it.  Saturday she was baptized.  She was very emotional, but knew that what she was doing was right.  All night long I was praying that when her father found out his heart would be softened and Lean would be safe.  When she came to church on Sunday she told us she had told her father and that he seemed to be indifferent.  It was a miracle and an answer to our prayers.  Lean will be solid!  She told me on Saturday she wants to work towards going on a mission in a year!  Yeah!!
Lean's baptism
Another answer to prayers was the rain that we got last night.  The people in my area don't have a water source, only wells and water tanks.  So when it doesn't rain no one has water.  On Sunday lots and lots of people didn't come to church because they couldn't swim (bathe in the ocean) and didn't want to come to church dirty (because there was no water for baths).  So I did the only thing I could do about it—I prayed.  Last night we had a HUGE rain storm and every single one of those water tanks in our area should be full now!  Just one more instance that shows God is mindful of us.  He hears our prayers, no matter how small they may be. 
Check out my new name tag:  Sista Drapa (They can't pronounce Draper here!)
I love you all!  Have a great week and remember that you are all lifelong missionaries!  Go share this gospel with those you love!  It's the best thing ever!! J
Me and Sister Tonga on p-day
Aru on top of his house

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