Monday, October 12, 2015

Yeah for Uncle Mark!

I'm in tears right now because of the news about Uncle Mark!  I am so so soooo happy to hear that he was baptized!  I know that this is the true church and that through receiving the saving ordinances we can be together forever and have joy now and in eternity, nothing is better then that!  Mark has just taken the first step on an amazing journey!  I love you Mark- congratulations!!

This week has been, as always, a memorable one:)  We started off with teaching with a sister from our ward who is leaving on her mission soon.  She wanted some experience so we gave her 3 days of it!  Her name is Sista Androse and she is an absolute doll.  I hope she gets called to Utah!
On Wednesday a call from our zone leaders saying that two new sisters had come and would be staying with us for a day.  The sisters are Sista Manu (from Tonga) and Sista Auleau (from Samoa).  They ended up staying with us for the rest of the week and Sista Auleau just left this morning to go to Santo (one of the islands in Vanuatu).  Sista Manu is still with us and waiting anxiously for her assignment.  It has been so much fun to have 4 sisters together at once, it's like a big sleep over every night!
Sisters Auleau, Manu, Tagini and Draper
Pig for dinner, anyone??
On Friday, we were out teaching lessons when we got a call from the APs saying that we needed to go back to our flats immediately because there had been a shooting.  Of course the new sisters freaked out and practically ran home thinking we were going to be shot and killed.  We were told to stay in our flat until further notice.  Turns out it wasn't a shooting and that 7 men were actually being put on trial and there was a big rally.  President Granger (the mission president) just wanted all the missionaries to be safe.  Sounds like there will be another trial this Friday as well, so we'll be staying home then too:(
Do you see the sun canopy on the right?  That's how we watched General Conference.  Does it remind you of the people during King Benjamin's time when they faced their tents towards the temple to hear God's prophet?

Saturday and Sunday have been my favorite days so far on the mission.  I finally got to watch conference!!  It was absolutely amazing and I loved every minute.  The whole chapel, connecting rooms and a tent outside was filled with members and a bunch of our investigators came as well!!  I don't think anyone went away without learning something from those two days.  I loved the focus on learning to listen to the promptings of the spirit and acting on the promptings once we receive them. I cannot wait to get the magazine next month and have the chance to read and reread the talks again.

I love my mission and I love this gospel!  I know, and am seeing it change lives for the better and bring ETERNAL happiness!  I am so blessed to have the chance to serve and learn for the next little while.  I love you all.
Sista Sarah Draper 

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